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AirHire logo for when people need emergency supply of air or need a loan of an air compressor for a short-term project.

Need emergency air supply or a short-term project which requires an air compressor?

Compressed Air Controls can help.

We have various brands of portable compressors available for hire or lease.

If you need a commercial compressor for a few hours, a few days, or a few months, our portable compressors are available for your needs.

They are:

• Simple to operate.

• Designed to allow for convenient movement on site.

• Equipped with features including automatic monitoring and shutdown, pre-heat function for gentle start in cold conditions and optional in-built lubricator.

• Able to be tailored to meet the needs of your relevant application.

• Suitable for all pressure levels and flows.

We can also provide hoses.

We can lease compressors on a 3 or 5-year term for a complete compressor room.

Air compressor down for maintenance, repairs, or installation?

If we have to shut down your compressor for maintenance, repairs, or to install a new compressor we will provide a compressor to hire during this time.

This is to mitigate downtime and lost production.

These compressors are available for hire, lease and are used for emergency air supply in the lower North Island:

Palmerston North Branch


Ingersoll Rand P85-W-C diesel portable

Hindin Spitfire 823

Kaeser M45 diesel portable

Kaeser Classic 320/50W electric compressor

Kaeser Classic 460/90W

Hindin Marquip 16

Wellington Branch

Ceccato CSB30

Hindin Cosmos 2.4

Mattei RVM20

Hydrovane 178PUAS


Kaeser M45 diesel portable

Kaeser ASK40

Fu Sheng TA 80/3

Ash Air Industrial Air Compressor


To book a compressor and hoses for a project, or if your compressor needs maintenance, repairs or you need a new compressor installed, contact Compressed Air Controls on 0508 763 862 or