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Compressed Air Controls supply industrial air compressors

Compressed Air Controls doesn't just supply the products though; we visit your site to assess your needs, including your plans for future growth, whilst keeping it in line with your budget, and design the air compressor setup, and supply and install the air compressor, accessories, air piping, and pneumatics.

We can also take responsibility for maintaining the air compressor room.

ELGi range of compressors





Compressed Air Controls have a wide range of ELGi industrial air compressors:

Oil-free air compressors

We have immediate delivery options available.

We also supply air accessories like dryers and filters.

We are exclusive suppliers of AirCom piping and fittings and we also have air piping, hose, tube and fittings in various materials.

We also design air compressor setups and install it.

Why should you invest in an ELGi industrial air compressor?

ELGi air compressors are designed to lower the cost of ownership by minimizing the impact of an air compressor’s cost which derive from energy consumption, cost of spares, cost of service, warranty, and downtime.  

ELGi air compressors are energy efficient

Multiple motor classes allow customers the option to pick the efficiency class as per their budget and requirements.

Both ELGi's electric screw air compressors, which are used in metal manufacturing and their portable screw air compressors, which are used in mining, employ large airends running at slow speed, which offer the best volumetric efficiency and consequently the lowest energy consumption in the industry.

ELGi ’s rotary screw air compressors can be manufactured with in-built VFDs that will vary motor speed according to the air demand, thereby reducing power consumption. ELGi also offers standalone VFDs, which can be retrofitted to a non VFD air compressor.

ELGi have industry-leading warranties

They own their foundry where they do the castings for their products. They construct their airends within a two-micron tolerance. Their six-year airend warranty is the best in the industry. The airend design allows for customers to service it after ten years and continue running the machine as opposed to procuring a new machine or replacing the airend, which will equal the cost of a new machine.

ELGi has lowered the cost of servicing

ELGi designed the air compressors for ease of maintenance so the machine’s parts are easily accessible when servicing it and the air compressors have extended service periods.

What is the right air compressor for my industry?

Compressed Air Controls can provide great advice on the right air compressor for your industry

Contact us for advice; we can design air compressor setups, supply, install or retrofit some accessories and maintain all of these products.