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Employment opportunities

There are no vacancies at the moment.

Compressed Air Controls Ltd is the market leader in supplying air compressor and pneumatic products and services.

Established in Palmerston North in 1990, Compressed Air Controls Ltd have experienced such growth and demand for their services that we now have branches in Wellington and Hawke's Bay.

Why you would enjoy working for Compressed Air Controls

These roles are exciting and dynamic as you will be servicing air compressors and designing pneumatic automation applications.

There are a lot of vacancies out there at the moment and a lot of people who are afraid to move jobs in these uncertain times but Compressed Air Controls Ltd's industry is very stable; we are growing.

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There are four main areas that make up the core of Compressed Air Controls Ltd's business: 

Design: air compressor and pneumatic application setups.

Supply: we are suppliers of the highest quality industrial air compressors, blowers, vacuum and pneumatics, and parts in the compressed air industry. 

Installation, service and repair:  air compressor and pneumatic applications.

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More than that, we provide solutions

Our family of air services includes a predictive maintenance schedule for air compressors that can prevent air compressor breakdowns.

We can also identify and resolve issues like air leaks and solve safety concerns and production bottlenecks by designing pneumatic automation applications.

Compressed Air Controls can provide pneumatic and air compressor services.

Compressed Air Controls are one of the few companies that provide both air compressors and pneumatic services and products

The benefit of that for our Service Technicians is that enables them to deal with any issues that arise in an air compressor room or site.

Compressed Air Controls also provides tiered support

We can call in 'the big guns' if they need more advice from more experienced colleagues. 

Compressed Air Controls have specialized in all things compressed air -including pneumatics, industrial air compressors, blowers, and vacuum- for over 30 years. 

Compressed Air Controls' unique Customer Site Management software takes the guesswork out of what parts the technicians need for jobs

Whether it is regular servicing or a breakdown, the required parts, air piping etc is noted on the job card and the Service Technicians are given the parts they need to take to the site. 

Do you get satisfaction from solving problems for customers? If so, apply now

Read more of the unique benefits that Compressed Air Controls can provide and then apply for a new, exciting role;  Senior Service Technician in WellingtonService Technician in Hawke's Bay, and an apprentice and a Service Technician for our Palmerston North branch.