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Compressed Air Controls repair and service air compressors and pneumatics and respond to air compressor breakdowns

In orange of the traffic light system:

  • Parts: ring or email us and pick those up at the barrier at our front door-please wait behind the barrier, masked up, scan/sign in- or we can courier them out.
  • Air compressor or pneumatics brought in for repairs or overhauls: come to the barrier at the front door and we will advise you from there.
  • Service Technicians continue with servicing air compressors and responding to air compressor breakdowns, with safety precautions in place. Please keep social distancing and masking up around our Service Technicians. To organise a service, contact our Service Coordinators on 06 929 4640 or

Compressed Air Controls Ltd can provide:

  • preventative servicing
  • reactive servicing- breakdown response
  • build and upgrade pneumatic applications
  • repair and overhaul air compressors, vacuum pumps, blowers and pneumatics

We repair air compressors and pneumatics on-site and in our workshops

We can repair your air compressor on-site or you can bring your piston air compressor to our branches for repairs. We will assess your air compressor and advise what the most cost-effective course of action is.  

ELGi piston air compressor

If your air compressor is nearing the end of its life or has high hours it can be expensive to maintain so we may suggest buying a new piston air compressor from us. We have Hindin, Spitfire and ELGi piston air compressors in stock.

Workshop -pneumatics, vacuum pump and blower repairs and servicing

We can also overhaul blowers, cylinders, valves, rotary actuators and air tools

Our Service Technicians will assess these and advise what the most cost-effective course of action is; repairing it or replacing it.

If your vacuum pump is playing up you may not have to purchase a new one

We can overhaul it and have it looking and performing like a new machine. 

We can repair or supply pneumatic cylinders or have new cylinders manufactured

We have a wide range of cylinders in stock. If the cylinder is a custom-made size we can organise a new one to be machined.

We can also design and build pneumatic applications

These can solve issues like production bottlenecks.

Compressed Air Controls' service guarantee

We have a one-month workmanship guarantee and a three-month parts guarantee on any service work on air compressors. 

AirCare logo

We provide predictive servicing of air compressors, blowers and vacuum pumps 

This includes checking the oil, filters and seals.

Our servicing gives you more value for money

Our servicing includes bearing life monitoring/trending (SPM) and oil analysis, which is unique to us.

Our Customer Site Management software saves you money

Compressed Air Controls' unique Customer Site Management software enables them to conduct any type of job - be it routine services or 24/7 callouts- on the spot, without having to wait for parts or equipment to arrive or make unnecessary trips back to our workshop as the job card notes the site's history and the parts needed for the current job are listed and picked before the technician goes to the site. This saves you money as there are no charges for extra travel time and less production downtime.

We can prevent air compressor breakdowns 

Compressed Air Controls Ltd is so confident that our unique predictive maintenance schedule AirCare✓ can prevent air compressor breakdowns, as the servicing is planned to prevent issues, that we provide a no breakdown guarantee for those with Premium or Premium Plus CoverThat means if your air compressor breaks down after you have signed up for AirCare, we will fix it free of charge. Conditions apply. Read more about AirCare✓ and contact your Territory Manager for more information.

Why you shouldn't skip a service: 

Compressed Air Controls respond to breakdowns of air compressors, blowers, vacuum and pneumatics after hours, contact them on 0508 763 862








We can also provide reactive servicing by responding to air compressor breakdowns

During servicing or a breakdown callout we can provide emergency air through AirHire✓ as we can provide loan air compressors to lessen downtime while repairs are taking place. (We can also provide loan air compressors for short-term projects.)

Our service technicians have ELGi's Air-Solve app which tells them how to fix a fault before they are even on-site.

Contact our Service Coordinators to organise a service or to respond to a breakdown or supply emergency air.