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Rotary screw compressors EN Series

ELGi EN rotary screw air compressor range

Why should I purchase ELGi's EN Series air compressor?

  • Best-in-class reliability

  • Best-in-class maintenance and operating cost

  • ELGi Equipment Ltd designed the Neuron control system, which offers operating data and safety measures

  • Compact and elegant design

  • Efficient air-oil separation: the OSBID process (Oil Separation By Impact and Deceleration action), which efficiently separates oil and air with minimum pressure drops and carry over levels of less than 3 ppm. With this, we guarantee that our compressor will give you consistent air quality with less power.

  • Highly efficient belt drive transmission

  • Energy-efficient encapsulated airends- read more about the benefits of encapsulation

  • Optional ELGi Conserve VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) for energy efficiency- read how using an ELGi air compressor with a VFD benefitted Stevensons Structural Engineers.

What industries is this air compressor suitable for?

  • Textiles
  • Food processing
  • Paper
  • Automotive
  • Small machining and fabrication workshops

Rotary screw or piston; which should I choose?

A piston air compressor can only run 70% of the time; it has to be off 30% of the time to cool down whereas a screw air compressor will run all day every day, non-stop so that is the advantage of a rotary screw air compressor.

Contact Compressed Air Controls to find out more benefits of using an ELGi EN Series air compressor.