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ELGi Oil-free AB Series air compressor

ELGi AB series air compressorWhat are the benefits of ELGi's AB Series?

  • Class-0 Certified As Per ISO 8573-2010. ELGi's Oil Free Series have consistent oil-free air meeting ISO8573-1 class 0 oil standards. Food grade material of air contacts metal surface inside the compressor ensures consistent oil-free air without metal debris. Pipes have special e-coating which ensures consistently clean and oil-free air along with optimized rotor clearances which ensures consistent air delivery
  • Viable Microbiological Content Complying To ISO 8573-7:2003. These compressors discharge air with no microbiological containment, complying with ISO 8573-7 standard.
  • Pure Water Quality Complying To ISO:10500-2012. To maintain the quality of water ELGi machines have a closed-loop water circuit which eliminates the need for a RO system. This reduces power & maintenance cost for our customers and ensures pure water quality complying to IS:10500-2012
  • Corrosion Resistant SS Rotors. ELGi machines use FDA approved stainless steel with a proprietary coating which eliminates any chances of corrosion.
  • Compact, Air Cooled Package. The cooling system with fans and larger cooling surface area enhances the cooling of hot air. The fan motor uses significantly low power. The integrated fan-motor assembly maintains low temperature thereby increasing life of the motor.
  • Low Noise. 
  • Lower Maintenance Cost. The efficient rotors with best in class performance, single-stage operation, low operation speed and application-oriented design, lower overall maintenance.

What industries is ELGI's AB Series suitable for?:

  • Textiles
  • Electronics
  • Air Separation
  • Food And Beverages
  • Pharmaceutical 

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