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Compressed Air Controls are the sole New Zealand importer of Pisco products

Compressed Air Controls is the sole New Zealand distributor of Pisco pneumatics

Pisco products are suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.

These products include

We have fast-moving stock in-store, like Pisco fittings, tube and vacuum, and can order in anything you need, including valves and other specialty items to suit your requirements, although there may be extra air freight costs.

Applications that use Pisco pneumatic products:


Pisco components play a major role in manufacturing parts for the semiconductor industry, including smaller, faster, and more reliable electronic devices used in medical, computer, mobile, automotive and other applications


The packaging industry needs pneumatic equipment that is Innovative, safe, consistent, reliable and can provide portion and dose control.

Micro-mechanics and watchmaking

The micromechanical and watchmaking industry uses a lot of pneumatic machines equipped with pneumatic devices manufactured by Pisco. Vacuum generators and tweezers are a perfect example.

Food industry

Applications in the food industry frequently use directional valves and pneumatic fittings. Pisco’s range of quality components can maximize the performance of equipment in the food industry.

Automotive industry

Pisco pneumatic components are found in all automotive factories. Globally, the focus on efficient fuel efficiency and efficient manufacturing processes affect construction and assembly practices. Pisco components are designed to meet the high demands of the automotive industry.

Machine tools

From hand-held, compact devices to robust machine tools, Pisco components meet the precision and reliability requirements of the machine tool industry.

Life sciences

From biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies, biological system technologies, various biomedical devices, Pisco equipment is designed to ensure efficient, accurate and adapted manufacturing in medical environments.

Natural resources

Pisco supplies pneumatic equipment solutions for the natural resource industry, including mining, pulp, forestry, water and oil and gas. Many products are specifically designed to meet the demands of humid, dusty and corrosive environments, operating 24/7 and at extreme temperatures.

Printing equipment

A range of Pisco products is ideal for the requirements of the printing equipment industry. With their compact design, Pisco’s pneumatic components meet the stringent application requirements of the industry.

Pisco fittings are availble from Compressed Air Controls.

Leak-proof, money savings fittings stocked in our branches 

Pisco is a world-leading manufacturer and their high-quality fittings are used by a lot of OEM businesses. 

Easy disconnection makes Pisco fittings and tube popular. If a tube needs replacing, some other brands’ fittings do not enable just the tube to be disconnected and replaced; both the tube and fitting would have to be replaced. This is not the case when Pisco fittings and tube are used together.

Pisco fittings have a lock claw that prevents air leaks

Air leaks are prevented by two unique design aspects 

Lock Claws: these create a firm connection to the tubing. The locking force is equally distributed to each claw so that the user can be sure of no air leakage. 

Elastic sleeve: Instead of the standard O-rings to seal the fitting, Pisco uses an elastic sleeve that swells and tightly squeezes the fitting and stops air leaks. This means that you won’t waste money or energy on air leaks. 

Multicore tubing available from Compressed Air Controls.Multicore and fluororesin tube in stock

Fluororesin tube benefits:

• Resistant to chemicals.


  • Chemical.
  • Food-processing. 
  • Medical care. 
  • Semiconductor.

Multicore tube benefits:

  • Efficient to install, use and maintain as tubes are bundled together.
  • Compact. 
  • Flexible soft polyurethane is ideal for tight piping turns. 
  • Colour coded.
  • Transparent tube is available

Compressed Air Controls stock Pisco vacuum productsPisco vacuum products stocked too

This includes generators, pads/suction cups and pumps.

Pisco is certified ISO14001:2015

Pisco is certified ISO9001:2015

Advantages of buying Pisco from Compressed Air Controls:

  • Special prices for OEMs, resellers, stockists and trade
  • Popular products ordered monthly
  • Urgent items available in 3 weeks
  • Free samples for equipment manufacturers to test
  • Quality control: Pisco Japan have stringent quality control over their manfacturing of their products 
  • Pisco is a internationally known brand available worldwide.

Contact Compressed Air Controls to discuss your Pisco pneumatic equipment needs.