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Compressed Air Controls are exclusive suppliers of AirCom food-grade air piping and fittings and can provide air piping in other materials


As part of the design of the air compressor setup, Compressed Air Controls can design your air piping setup.

We can also supply and install AIRCOM Quick Line Aluminium piping, which is rigid and available in 20mm upwards, and fittings.

AirCom piping and fittingsAIRCOM provide a complete system of pipes and fittings in aluminium

The fittings are made in painted, die-cast aluminium and are available in diameters: 20-25-32-40-50-63-80-110-168, 3 mm.

The entire range of threaded fittings is available with GAS or NPT thread.

What are the benefits of aluminium pipe and fittings?

The aluminium provides resistance to high pressure and high operating temperatures.

Energy-efficient air piping and fittings

Aircom allows for turbulence-free air flows. All Aircom fittings are full bore (the hole has no restrictions) and therefore allow complete airflow, without bottlenecks or unnecessary pressure drops, and without causing further turbulence in the airflow.

Aircom fittings also eliminate air leaks

Just more reasons why Compressed Air Controls are exclusive suppliers of Aircom.

Aircom piping and fitting are food-grade

Compressed Air Controls can also provide food-grade pipe in stainless steel, galvanised steel and composite.

We can also provide tube and hose.

Contact Compressed Air Controls to discuss your air piping needs.