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Why MAC Valves beat diaphragm technology for dust collection


What industries can MAC Valves be used in?

MAC Pulse Valves were developed to replace current diaphragmatic style technology and create a more robust and reliable valve solution in industrial applications such as:

  • reverse jet baghouses
  • dust collectors
  • pneumatic conveying
  • bulk material handling

MAC Valves have successfully improved:

  • air quality
  • system reliability
  • decreased downtime

in these industries:

  • Automotive

  • Primary Metals

  • Gypsum

  • Cement Plants

  • Glass Sorting

  • Aluminum

  • Chemicals

  • Zinc Refinery

  • Tires

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Food Processing

  • Agricultural Processing

  • Power Plants

  • Wood processing

Why are MAC Valves replacing diaphragm technology?

MAC Valves are more reliable and are designed to replace diaphragm-based valves.

Diaphragm-based valves have these issues:


They often start to leak within a few weeks of installation and fail open. These failures can go for days without being noticed. This means energy is being wasted and the rest of the performance of the rest of the valves is negatively affected.


Diaphragm valves have a small, fixed orifice that clogs easily, resulting in sticking, burning and inconsistent air pulses. The poor valve performance results in the filters clogging with dust, so there is a need to change filters very regularly, sometimes as often as every 2-3 weeks, making it difficult for maintenance teams to keep up. These issues mean that the valves are typically only rated for approximately 1 million cycles.

What are the benefits of MAC Pulse Valves?

They don't stick

Because of the high forces that are achieved with the valve’s short stroke, the valve doesn’t stick. All MAC valves are perfectly balanced and designed to work with the high forces that they produce to give you excellent results every time. The balanced poppets allow for direct solenoid operation for relatively high flow, and give minimised friction, and fast response times, no matter which MAC valve you use. The non-sticking MAC valves are the solution for high speed, high reliability and arduous environment applications.

They use less energy

These valves, which don't use diaphragm technology, open and close quicker creating a more effective pulse of air. This provides an opportunity to reduce the pulse frequency so energy consumption is reduced, the dust bags last longer and the overall performance is significantly improved.

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