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Pneumatic expertise and reliable air compressor servicing key to long relationship with PGG Wrightsons

Compressed Air Controls upgraded pneumatics by replacing diaphragm valves with MAC pulse valves.

After seeing the benefit of upgrading the pneumatics of a dust extraction bin at their Feilding grain site in 2017, PGG Wrightsons got us to upgrade another bin’s pneumatics.

PGG Wrightsons' Site Manager Paul Hagenaars said the bin was ”worse for wear” as dust from grain and wholemeal was collecting in pipes and the socks, which act as filters, were dirty.

After one of our newer Service Technicians, Gary Wilson, replaced the cracked Goyen valves with Mac Pulse Valves, the bin is more efficient.

Paul relies on Compressed Air Controls’ expertise in pneumatics and air compressors.“You suggest improvements, which is key; we are not experts in pneumatics.”

He praised our Manawatu Territory Coordinator Steve Carran. “Steve provides clear information and explains the benefits well and delivers results.”

MAC Pulse Valves are a great fit for dust collection, bulk handling, reverse jet baghouses and pneumatic conveying 

  • They are designed to replace 60-year-old diaphragm pulse valve technology.  MAC Pulse Valves come complete with Goyen adapter plates for fast installation to replace the diaphragm technology with MAC’s bonded spool technology without disturbing plumbing. 
  • They require less maintenance. These valves are designed to not need re-spooling until they reach 10 million cycles which means they may not need to be touched for 10-30 years (depending on the industry and the production hours.)
  • Consume less energy.
  • Extend filter’s lifespan.
  • Customers can get Return on Investment in less than a year.  Compressed Air Controls did a pneumatic upgrade for a sawmill where they replaced Norgren vales with MAC Valves month by month in cost-effective stages as they were having to re-kit the valves weekly which cost $1000 each time. The pneumatic upgrade to MAC Valves cost them $3000. This also saved them money as there was no production downtime for maintenance and no more rejected logs from failing valves.

PGG Wrightson's are also saving money on not needing to hire cranes to do monthly maintenance on clogged valves anymore. Paul said the MAC Valves are so efficient that they are like a shotgun. The bin that we first upgraded hasn't been touched for four years.

Paul is also impressed by the reliability of our service technicians in servicing their air compressor. “Compressed Air Controls doesn't let me down; if you let me down you get turfed.”

Paul has been with PGG since 2015 and Compressed Air Controls was providing them with air compressor and pneumatic products, services, solutions and advice then. 

Need more reasons to replace your diaphragm based valves? Read on.

Contact Compressed Air Controls Ltd’s Territory Managers to see the benefits of pneumatic upgrades or air compressor servicing for yourself. 

Need grain? Go to PGG Wrightson's website for more information.