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Compressed Air Controls can test to ensure your breathing air is safe

Our Service Technicians can use a Breathing Air Purity Test Kit to test the compressed air lines that supply the breathing air equipment to ensure no contaminants are coming through.

We can also test the compressor’s level of contamination both upstream and downstream of purification equipment

We can test and report on your compressed air purity to ISO 8573-1 air standard.

The contaminants Compressed Air Controls can test for, report on and protect you from:

Water/Water Vapour: Air contains moisture, which is drawn into the air compressor and then becomes a vapour.

  • Water vapour can cause visibility issues for those wearing breathing air equipment as it cools and condenses in the masks, obscuring vision. 
  • It can also damage compressor components, such as pressure regulator valves, as it combines with oil and solid contaminants in the system to clog critical components.
  • It also causes rust or blockages in pipelines. If workers are using air lines outside in cold conditions, the water vapour can freeze and partially or completely block the flow of air.  Blockages and rust increases wear on breathing air components. 

Oil/Oil mist: In a piston compressor oil mist is created by the shearing action of the piston.

In rotary screw compressors, oil is injected directly into the compressor chamber, and although most of the oil is removed by a separator, some ultimately enters the air stream.

  • It could produce carbon monoxide.
  • In an overheated lubricated compressor, oil mist can cause breathing discomfort, nausea, and in extreme cases, lipoid pneumonia. 
  • It can also create unpleasant tastes and odours which interfere with a worker’s capacity and desire to complete a task. 
  • Oil can also act as a chemical corrosive and accelerate the deterioration of gaskets and seals. 
  • Oil, when combined with water, can also form a sludge that can clog pneumatic valves and controls.

Solids: These enter the system through the air intake and can cause breathing difficulties, allergic reactions and lung diseases like silicosis.

Compressed Air Controls can provide products and conduct regular maintenance to help you achieve and maintain air purity

 Compressed Air Controls can provide Capricorn members with air dryers and filters

As well as providing your staff with breathing air equipment, we can also provide air compressor filters and air dryers.

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We can conduct regular maintenance or provide a predictive maintenance schedule called AirCare to ensure that your industry’s required ISO standards are met. 

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