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Compressed Air Controls are a Capricorn Preferred Supplier

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Compressed Air Controls can:

  • Design the air compressor setup, including air piping and accessories like filters and dryers.
  • Supply all those products.
  • Install all those products
  • Maintain them all those products through servicing, our predictive maintenance schedule AirCare✓ with a no breakdown guarantee*.*Conditions apply; contact your territory manager about this no breakdown guarantee which is for those with Premium or Premium Plus Cover.
  • We can also provide a family of air services.

Capricorn Preferred Supplier logo

Compressed Air Controls can supply you with a wide range of ELGi Equipment Ltd’s air compressors

These include:

  • ELGi’s single-stage piston industrial air compressor
  • ELGi’s EG series rotary screw air compressor from 15kW to 250kW
  • ELGi’s EN Series Tank Mounted Rotary Screw air compressor from 2 kW to 15kW with VFD and air dryer options

Compressors for Capricorn members

 ELGi air compressors from Compressed Air Controls can be used to power:
• Spraypainting and panelbeating shops
• Plasma cutting
• Pneumatic robots and tools 

The benefits of these ELGi air compressors:

  • They are cost-effective over their 10 year+ life expectancy.
  • The EN Series’ optional Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) creates energy savings. 
  • They are all highly reliable; long life, lower service needs.

Compressed Air Controls can install air compressors within 3-5 days of purchase

We also provide you with accessories to help with air quality.

 ELGi refrigerant dryers

Compressed Air Controls can supply, install and/or retrofit ELGi AirMate Dryers

• Machines’ flow ranges from 10 to 2900 cfm 
• Removes water, condensate down to 3-degree dew point
• Provides clean, dry air for spraying and for tools
• Ensures a longer life of the compressed air equipment

AIRCOM schematic

Compressed Air Controls design, supply, and install air pipe systems 

  • John Guest: Air piping is rigid and easy to self-install, in sizes 15  and 22mm.
  • MAXAIR: Available from 20mm upwards.
  • AIRCOM: Quick Line Aluminium piping is rigid and available in 20mm upwards
  • Europress: Stainless steel tubing available for specialised applications in sizes 15mm upwards. 

Master Pneumatic FRL

Compressed Air Controls can extend your air tools’ life by supplying and install filters and regulators

These include:
• Line filters 
• Filters/ regulators
• As separate products 
• All-in-one

AirCare logo

Compressed Air Controls can repair, service, and maintain your air compressors and accessories cost-effectively

This includes providing our predictive maintenance schedule AirCare✓ with a no breakdown guarantee.

*Conditions apply; contact your territory manager about this no breakdown guarantee which is for those with Premium or Premium Plus Cover.

AirCare is part of a family of air services we can provide.                                                  

Compressed Air Controls' Capricorn Preferred Supplier Account Number is 810947. 

Capricorn Finance offers business equipment finance through Capricorn Society Limited (NZBN 9429038593185). Fees & charges, terms & conditions and lending criteria apply.  Contact the Capricorn Finance Team at 0800 401 444.

Contact Compressed Air Controls on freephone 0508 763 862,  visit our branches in Palmerston North, Wellington, and Hawke’s Bay, or our partners around New Zealand, or email us.