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ELGi Oil-free Rotary Screw Air Compressors

ELGi manufactures a wide range of oil-free air compressors

This includes oil-free piston/reciprocating single-stage direct drive and oil-free piston/reciprocating single-stage belt drive air compressors.

ELGi's oil-free rotary screw air compressors

It also includes rotary screw oil-free air compressors, including the OF Series and the AB Series.

No risk of oil contamination with these truly oil-free air compressors

Although some oil-free air compressors are technically oil-free as they filter out the oil that lubricates the airend, there is still a risk that air will be contaminated with oil vapour. Oil contamination can cause loss of productivity and product recalls.

With ELGi’s oil-free air compressors, there is no risk of oil contamination as the airends are not oil lubricated.

Best air quality possible

The air meets ISO8573-1 class 0 oil standard which is the best air quality possible.

What industries need rotary screw oil-free air compressors?

The food and beverage, pharmaceutical and electronics industries need these air compressors because they remove intolerable hydrocarbons.

Oil-free package

Compressed Air Controls can provide you with a convenient package, including an air compressor, air accessories, food-grade piping and preventative maintenanceAccessories you need with an oil-free air compressor


Compressed Air Controls package removes the risk of water and bacteria contamination

  • ELGi AirMate PF filter removes water from the oil-free air
  • An ELGi Airmate Desiccant Dryer disables the growth of bacteria in the compressed air.
  • Energy efficiency is boosted by air receiver: ELGi’s oil-free air compressors are designed to be energy efficient. This efficiency is improved by the air receiver storing air so the air compressor does not have to start and stop as much, which is its most expensive function.  

Compressed Air Controls design and installs an oil-free air compressor set up differently

Unlike an oil-lubricated air compressor setup, we would put the filter and dryer in front of the air receiver so the air in the receiver is free of contaminants.


We can supply and install food-grade piping

When Compressed Air Controls installs an oil-free air compressor, food-grade piping is standard. This is available in aluminium, composite, steel and stainless steel.

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Forget about organising servicing; we take responsibility for it with our preventative maintenance schedule

AirCare✓, a preventative servicing schedule, is also a standard part of the package. We use our Customer Site Management software to plan your air compressor servicing to prevent issues from affecting it. This gives you peace of mind as we take responsibility for contacting you to organise a convenient time to service your air compressor.

For more information check out our brochure. 

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