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Compressed Air Controls design, supply, install and repair pneumatics

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We design and install solutions in the form of pneumatic applications  

These pneumatic applications:

Contact Compressed Air Controls to learn more about our pneumatic automation application design process.

Compressed Air Controls supply these pneumatic products: 

 Mac Valves- Valves that dont stick








We supply a full range of MAC solenoid valves/ automation controls*

This includes:

  • 3-way and 4-way  and 5-way valves
  • PPC Valves
  • ISO Valves
  • Pulse valves
  • Bullet valves
  • Intregrated systems

Compressed Air Controls are all about using products that give our customers an advantage. That is why we have distributed MAC Valves through MAC Valves Pacific, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mac Valves Incorporated, conveniently located in Auckland since we started in 1990.  We stand behind MAC Valves and have been providing sales and specialist application advice and service on MAC Valves for over 30 years.

The MAC Valves' advantage is that they are designed and built to meet the market requirements of reliability, speed, consistency, repeatability, and ease of maintenance. 

How can MAC 3-ways valves' unique flexibility save you money?

Another advantage of MAC Valves is that their 3-way valves, with the balanced poppet design, can be used for 6 different functions with any port being connected to vacuum or pressure or simply plugged 3-way normally closed, 2-way normally closed, selector, 3-way normally open, 2-way normally open and diverter.

These valves have this unique flexibility which saves you money; to do the same thing with other valves you will need various different valves to do the various functions.

MAC Valves also saves you money because their valves have inbuilt exhausts so you don't need flow controls.

MAC Valves solenoid valves

MAC Valves solenoid valves

*We do not distribute Mac Valves in Hawke's Bay.

Pisco logo as Compressed Air Controls is the New Zealand distributor of their pneumatic products

We are the national distributor of Pisco pneumatic equipment

This includes fittings and tube,control valves, vacuum, actuators, plarailchain and robot parts and accessories.


Tolomatic logo




Compressed Air Controls distribute Tolomatic's Pneumatic Linear Actuators and Electric Linear Actuators and Industrial Caliper Brakes and Industrial Cone Clutches

We work closely with Tolomatic's design engineers to find the right products for your application.

They will do all the calculations and recommend the right products for the loading requirements.

We can virtually meet with the Minnesota-based company and discuss with you and them your needs.

They are also recording webinars and can customise live demonstrations of products being used in applications to your interests and needs.


ODE ValvesCompressed Air Controls stock a range of ODENZ valves suitable for water, oil, chemical, gases, air and steam flows

ODE Solenoid Valves New Zealand has been selling solenoid valves for the same amount of years that Compressed Air Controls has been in business- 30- while the Italian company that produces the valves has been doing so for over 60 years.

Industries that use ODENZ Valves include agriculture, including dairy for irrigation, and fish, food and beverage, including breweries, wineries, coffee and freezing works, hospitals, laundries, dry cleaning, automotive (car washing), plumbing and water treatment by local bodies. Popular valves include the Angle Seat Valve, combined acting, direct-acting and indirect-acting valves.

Check out their brochures.


emc logo




Compressed Air Controls stock actuators, solenoid valves and automation equipment from E.MC

Master Pneumatic logo





Compressed Air Controls have been a stocking distributor of Master Pneumatic's filter, regulator and lubrication products since 1990

Master Pneumatic is a significant part of control systems designed and supplied by Compressed Air Controls.

Compressed Air Controls can also repair pneumatic applications

Our Service Technicians are also pneumatic engineers so we can repair some pneumatic applications in our workshops or on-site. Contact our team to discuss your needs.

Sometimes it is more cost-effective to get a new cylinder manufactured, rather than repairing it. In those cases, we get Finnco Pneumatics and Westec Automation to manufacture them in their machine shops.