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Air Services


AirCare is part of a family of air services we offer:

  • AirCare✓: our unique preventative maintenance schedule.

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  • AirHealth✓: This check is recommended for new customers. Our service technicians can check your compressed air site for symptoms that it is not being regularly serviced and then discuss how to prevent those symptoms from reoccurring, this could include suggesting signing up for AirCare✓.

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  • AirData✓: this is an investigation of a compressed air system which helps to determine the air, pressure and demand load requirements. It allows us to provide expert recommendations on how your compressed air system can be managed to its full potential, and provide solutions to reduce maintenance costs, increase productivity and save a substantial amount of energy.

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  •  AirPurity✓: this ensures your staff are safe by checking there are no contaminants in the air they are breathing.

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  • AirLeak✓: we can find and fix air leaks and save you money. Our Service Technicians can do a leak detection survey with our CS ultrasonic leak detector. This can find out the leak size (cfm) and potential savings ($/year) and then we can fix it for you.

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